Voter Rights & The U.S. Constitution

This grab and go lesson contains notes to help frame your discussion. Slides may be omitted or edited to support your message(s).

This lesson is for students who already have an understanding of the judicial branch. Speaker notes suggest points for challenging critical thinking skills, and checks and balances between our three branches of government.

Women's Suffrage: Voting Rights and the U.S. Constitution

The women's suffrage movement is the backdrop for this lesson on voting rights, and includes a comparison of the communications tactics used by the women's rights movement and the movements of modern day.

Grades 3-5 (with speaker notes)

Grades 7-12 (with speaker notes)

Classrooms may study the Seneca Falls Convention in advance of your visit, or you may integrate it in the presentation. It may be used to demonstrate how a movement gains support and opposition.