Teachers, how much do you know about Government? These graphics and videos will help you learn the basics of our three branches, the rule of law, and more! Feel free to use them in your lessons.

Handouts and Graphics

Civics 101 | A Primer for All Grades:

Civics 101
UpperGrades_California Three Branches

Puzzles are easy to email or handout to students. While their minds are fresh on the subject, ask them to complete the activities, then review what they learned:

Vocabulary sheet - Matching Game.pdf
Original Vocab Sheet from Butte Binder.pdf

Videos: Visitors may choose to show these videos during their presentation. If time is a concern, teachers may view these with their students before or after a visit.

About State Courts (Grades 6-12)
Difference between federal court and state court (all grades)

Advanced lessons on the Constitution: